Subject TDBlookupCombos
Author Robert martin
Hi all

This might be a really stupid question but....

We have come from a BDE / Dbase background and have used DBLookupCombos
(in particular our customized descendant) to allow selection / Entry.

We have a DbLookupCombo that lists product name and writes its PK into
another table. I have set it to read from a TIBOQuery components and
all is well apart from when I try to locate a product beginning with
'Y'. It is not found. If I scroll to the bottom of the list it is
displayed and will then be found. I am assuming the component is only
searching the data that has been buffered on the client side and that by
moving to the end I force the component to 'pull' all the data down from
the server. Indeed if I set 'AutoFetchAll' to true the component works
fine. My assumption is that in the BDE version the component searched
the buffer and if it failed, forced another block of data to be
downloaded until it found the record of ran out of data.


Do I have to set 'AutoFetchAll' or is there a better way of doing it (I
don't want to pull the records unless I need to)?
Is there a better way of doing this? (we need to remain TDataset

TIA :)

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