Subject Re: [IBO] Confusion about StoredProc vs use of Cursor or Query (was Help with OnCallBack)
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, Chuck Belanger wrote:
> As long as I'm searching from the first character on, incremental
> search works just fine in XOR. About 90% of the expected searches
> will use this simple incremental search. And its fast. But for any
> search where the user is trying to find a word/phrase within the
> tree item name string or in the stored documentation in each record
> (a text blob), then things get more complicated.

If you only search for words or phrases (and not parts of words), have
you considered adding one table that simply contains one WORD and the
PK of your main table (if the words tends to be long and exist in
several records, you could consider another table as well)? That
should help you reduce the set you actually have to consider
considerably (unless you search for words commonly used).