Subject Confusion about StoredProc vs use of Cursor or Query (was Help with OnCallBack)
Author Chuck Belanger

Still trying to get OnCallBack to work with a selectable stored

A recent off line email from someone indicated to me (my interpretation
of the email--the sender is on vacation now) that I may be missing
something about getting a CallBack:

Does the OnCallBack event need to come from the stored procedure? as in
a TIB_StoredProc.OnCallBack, and not from the Cursor or Query.OnCallBack
and that's why I'm not getting any CallBack event firing?

The Stored procedure has SUSPEND and returns multiple rows and has
ROWCOUNT to pass for the CallBack.

I'm using the Query.SQL as in SELECT * FROM MYSP.

Do I need to add a TIB_StoredProc and use that OnCallBack to make the
progress meter step?

Thanks for any clarification,

Chuck Belanger