Subject Re: [IBO] Confusion about StoredProc vs use of Cursor or Query (was Help with OnCallBack)
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, Jason:

This is a desktop app with FB embedded, Local connection. The table is being
queried for all records--41,000. There is a UDF (decryption) as part of the
query which definitely slows things down.

Is there something about this scenario which could be causing this? Its really
important for this search routine of my encrypted table that I have a progress

Any suggestions?


Chuck Belanger

Jason Wharton wrote:

> You could be getting thrown off by the behavior of the server. It could be
> churning through the dataset on the server and buffering up records and then
> when a network packet is filled it will send a batch of records to be
> fetched. If your dataset is small then it will seem like it spent a whole
> bunch of time to get the first record when in fact the lag was for the
> server to prepare all the records.
> Jason
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