Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IBO memo
Author Lester Caine
Harvey wrote:

>>after much research I have utilised the RichView component. It's
> very good
>>but it is only useable with the non-native IBO query components.
> This is how
>>I use it. There's no problem mixing and matching between datasets
> which need
>>the IB_ native and ones which need the IBO ones.
>>That said - someone else here was indicating their interest in
> creating a
>>RichView version which is compatible with IB_ datasets. I would
> really like
>>that too. And the ultimate of ultimates would be Dimitri's zlib on
> the fly
>>component incorporated into it... oh what a dream component that
> would be.
> My conclusion after reading the messages is there is not yet
> a "safe" and IB_ datasets compatible component. If this is incorrect
> please explain why.

Why would you conclude that?
We would all like the ultimate component, but every one we use now has
some sort of compromise.
IB_RichEdit works fine, but is NOT a word processor, it IS a very good
memo editor.
There is no mention of 'safe', using non IBO native components is just
as safe as native, and is VERY appropriate for some more powerful
components ( TMS's planner is a very good example that I use with IBO ).
We use what is appropriate for the job, and if there is a large demand
for something it can be added, but given the amount of work already
invested in other 'non-IBO' components that IS the most logical and save

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services