Subject Re: IBO memo
Author Harvey
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...> wrote:
> >
> > Is there an IBO (TIB) or IBO compatible memo component that can
> > provide a text editor capability, i.e. Format font style, color
> > spell checker.ddd
> >
> >
> after much research I have utilised the RichView component. It's
very good
> but it is only useable with the non-native IBO query components.
This is how
> I use it. There's no problem mixing and matching between datasets
which need
> the IB_ native and ones which need the IBO ones.
> That said - someone else here was indicating their interest in
creating a
> RichView version which is compatible with IB_ datasets. I would
really like
> that too. And the ultimate of ultimates would be Dimitri's zlib on
the fly
> component incorporated into it... oh what a dream component that
would be.
> Alan

My conclusion after reading the messages is there is not yet
a "safe" and IB_ datasets compatible component. If this is incorrect
please explain why.