Subject Re: [IBO] Need help with a simple OnCallBack for a progressmeter
Author Chuck Belanger
Thanks Helen for your reply.

I'm familiar with the IBF_DataPump.pas OnCallBack, that's where I started on all
this. I've used that in other datapump routines and it works fine.

My application here is just to give some indication to the user of the time to
completion of a simple query (or cursor in this case).

For the life of me I can't see the difference between what I'm doing and what is
going on when a cursor is being used for the src dataset in a datapump.

I tried using First rather than Execute (or Open) and nothing helped. Why would
I want to First...Next? BTW, I tried a First then
While NOT EOF do begin Next end but still not firing the OnCallBack event.

For total rows I was just going to do a simple SELECT COUNT(id) thing, then use
that. The UDF really slows down the query so that's the main stumbling block and
the reason I want some kind of progress bar.

Its all about me trying to search an encrypted string or blob for a word/phrase
which is contained in the string--very straightforward if nothing was encrypted.

Jason's archived response to a similar plea for help suggested using the SELECT
Procedure Suspend method of getting the OnCallBack event to fire for each return
of a row, but it just not working for me.

Anymore suggestions?


Chuck Belanger