Subject RE: [IBO] BDE to IBO
Author Jason Wharton
> My company is in the planning phase of migrating from Paradox to
> Firebird.
> For most of the TTables in our program we do not create a TDataBase
> commponent we just use the BDE link.
> Do I have to add a new TIBODataBase and TIBOTransaction component to
> every form that will have a TIBOTable on?
> Is it oke to create a DataModule with a TIBODataBase and a
> TIBOTransaction component on it and link every TIBOTable to one
> TIBODataBase. (Possably a few hundred tables.)

It's fine to do that as far as IBO is concerned. However, it may or may not
be what your application requires if you want to utilize the full benefits
of transactions.

Jason Wharton