Subject Re: [IBO] How make 3rd-party edit controls native IBO dataaware?
Author G. Nau
Their TAdvEdit and their descendants are pretty nice.
Also their LU-Edits, ImageContainers and Grids are also very good.
But TMS offers only TDataset compatible controls, so a wrapper to
get some of their mentioned components IBO dataaware was
something which might be worth the effort in my application.

Additionally I'm thinking about using TRichview as a wordprocessor
like RTFEditor. Therefore making it native IBO aware would be

At the moment I'm working with three levels of components:
*descendants of TAdvEdit for my non-db aware inputs
*descendants of TIB_Edit for my IBO aware inputs (nearly out)
*descendants of TeleSis_EditEnh, because the basic TIB_Edit can't
be used on IB_Grids (new in my applications).

My hierarchie for the controls is something like:
TIB_Edit->TMyEdit -> TMyEditpartnumber, TMyEditstoragelocation,

So when I fall over the problem with the IB_Grids, it was a simple job
to exchange the TIB_Edit in my hierarchie with Telesis_IB_EditEnh.
The changes were done within 30 Minutes.

At the moment it would already be helpful if the basic TIB_Edit
placed on an IB_Grid would allow more control on data entry and
validation. Then i could reduce the number of different component
packages in my application.


Am 22 Jun 2005 um 10:42 hat Lester Caine geschrieben:
> Which control in particular?
> I use the Planner in a couple of applications, but have not seem any
> real problem with it being 'non-native'. I suspect that it could be
> converted, but I can't see that it is worth the effort ;)
> A simpler control may be more practical, and the best starting point is
> to look at an existing native control that does something along the same
> lines.
> --
> Lester Caine

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