Subject RE: [IBO] IBObject Survey Demo
Author Daniel R. Jimenez
> Helen Borrie wrote:
> >>>You're saying this doesn't work in Builder?
> >>>
> >>Correct, I am only able to view the About and the FRM_Survey form, the
> rest
> >>of the forms will not be displayed at Design-time????
> >
> > Lester will fix you up. :-)
> I will ?
> Most of the demo stuff needs work to be able to use it properly in
> Builder :(
> You can build the projects, but the forms are created in Delphi, and so
> in many cases Builder will not open them. Fixing this up may also be
> different between Builder5 and 6 since the form stuff changed between
> the two ( I have to fix for 5 and then reopen of 6 ). I have fixed up a
> number of samples across IBO and FastReports but they need sorting so
> that we can have a separate sample download for Builder.
> Daniel are you on BCB5 or 6?
> I've got a trashed railway timetable to get sorted today, but I will
> have a look at this again later !

Hi Lester

We use BCB 5. I have notice that you have uploaded the Survey demo for BCB 5
and 6 thank you