Subject Re: [IBO] IBO problem - process fastening
Author Lester Caine
Norbert Nemeth wrote:

> and show into a TreeView which can be edited by the user (only the answers can be edited).
> |- Group_1
> |- 1_Question_of_1_group <TEdit>
> |- 2_Question_of_1_group <TEdit>
> |- ...
> |- Group_2
> |- 3_Question_of_2_group <TEdit>
> |- ...
> |- Group_3
> |- ...
> |- 40_Question_of_3_group <TEdit>
>>make your tree in the grid, with check boxes to open and close a group
> Which component can do this? AFAIK, the TIB_Grid can't do this.

It can but I'm on a different 'problem' to you ;)

I'd build the 'page' dynamically - if that makes sense.
Create the form by scanning the 'question' list. If the 'group' entry
changes from the last record, then insert the group header. If you start
with 'last group' = -1, then the first line will be header followed by
the first Edit box and selection of answers. If these are built using an
array, then you just need the right number of entries

Does that make sense?
In essence you are making your own component, and if you work inside a
panel, then you can scroll the questions within your page.

If the user wants to save the results, then you just scan the answers -
complain if some answers are not completed or update the database if all
is OK. You could build the 'answer' section to automatically update the
database, and wrap things in a StartTransaction/Commit/RollBack but I
think a simple scan and update will be easier.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services