Subject RE: [IBO] IBObject Survey Demo
Author Daniel R. Jimenez
> >I have loaded the IBObject demo for DMLCache "Survey project" using BCB,
> and
> >I have notice that some of the forms such as "FRM_Question,"
> "FRM_Surveys"
> >and "FRM_language" are defined as:
> >
> > TfrmQuestions = class(TfrmBase)
> >
> >I am not able to view this forms at design time using BCB. How do I
> register
> >the form type (TfrmBase) with the IDE?
> IBF_Base needs to be in your uses clause. Survey.dpr, FRM_Survey.pas and
> FRM_Surveys.pas have it there already. Depending on where you have the
> Samples located, you might need to edit the uses entry in Survey.dpr, this
> one:
> IBF_Base in '..\..\IBF_Base.pas' {frmBase},
> This finds IBF_Base.pas if you didn't move the Samples directory. If your
> relative locations don't match up, you'll need to alter the path.
> Helen

Hi Helen,

Unfortunately I am not using Delphi, but Borland C++ Builder, I believe the
problem is that the IDE needs to have this TfrmBase registered, so that if
can display the form at design time, but, I do not know how to achieve this.

FRM_Survey defines:

TfrmSurvey = class(TForm)

So it does not contain IBF_Base within the Uses Clause, however this form is
visible at design-time,

FRM_Qestions defines:

TfrmQuestions = class(TfrmBase)

and it includes the IBF_Base with in the Uses Clause, however I am not able
to view the form at design-time. This is also the case for the FRM_Language,
and FRM_Surveys.

The application compiles and runs perfectly in its current location. But as
I mention I am not able to view all the forms at design time.

Thank you