Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird embedded
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:14 PM 8/06/2005 +0000, you wrote:

TIBODatabase, yes?

>doesn't seem to have a property for connect string as

True - IBO assembles the connection string from the server name (if any)
and the Path property, according to your Protocol setting.

>I do have the server property empty and the protocol set to

What does the Path property look like?

With embedded, it's more important that you use the Server, Path and
Protocol properties to set up the connection path and don't set the
DatabaseName property manually. Delete the DatabaseName property that was
stored by the original application, regardless, to ensure that IBO updates
it with the correct connection path. Likewise, with your other objects,
make sure you use the IB_Connection property, not DatabaseName.

If that doesn't provide any useful clues, save the project and shut down
Delphi; then run your exe file directly to see whether the problem
actually exists. I seem to recollect a problem something like this
occurring when running a TDataset-compatible project in the IDE when I had
IBX installed.

Beyond that, there are some explicit things you can do with your project
code to make your program load the correct gds32.dll. Hard-coding the
library location isn't ideal but it can be a solution to the immediate problem.