Subject Multiple DB Apps on Single FDB file
Author Daniel R. Jimenez

I am not sure how IB deals with the following scenario, so I was hopping
that someone may point me in the right direction.

I would like multiple instance of the same DB application to gain access to
a single FBD at the same time so that many users can read the same
record(s), but only a single user to be able to edit and/or insert new
record(s) at any point in time, and after the edit/insertion all other users
be automatically updated with the new/updated record.

My approach so far has been to set the transaction mode to "Consistency -
Table Locking" with "No Wait" but unfortunately this is not quite right.

The only other way I can think of achieving this, is by making the
transaction "Committed - Read Committed" as well as defining events on the
FDB which would notify each and every db app that a record(s) has been
updated/inserted, so that the other instances of the db applications would
then refresh their dataset.

Is there is a better more efficient way of achieving this using IBObjects?
i.e. can the transaction component be told to only lock the record(s) which
is been updated as well as having the FDB engine announce the
update/insertion to every other instance of the application which is
currently browsing the dataset which contains this particular record(s)?

Thank you for the help