Subject Re: [IBO] Singleton select error
Author Lester Caine
Daniel R. Jimenez wrote:

> I normally test the SQL using something like IBExpert, to guaranty that it
> is correct as well as to make the call as efficient as possible, by
> analyzing the stats on the compiled SQL, in this case, the SQL does not
> require the USERS.USERS_ID to return the correct subset of data, but as you
> said, IB appears to require this field for some reason, which I am not able
> to discover. Hopefully the more I work with IB the more familiar I will
> become with its needs ;-)

Try using IB_SQL for testing queries, also just testing them from the
in-line editor. This often throws a few 'niggles' that match the way IBO

USERS_ID is probably being used for syncing the buffers, so that refresh
can find the records it needs.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services