Subject CharacterSet problems
Author G. Nau
I have problems with character set usage in a IBO/FireBird 1.5
Database created with default char set iso8859_1
Every column is defined by a domain, and each (var)char domain is
defined as iso8859_1.
In the IB_connection component I also use character set iso8859_1
for the connection.
Now I observe problems using upper/lower chase german umlaut
characters (ä, ö, ü).
They are stored correctly but search operations (where clause) are
not finding the records.
Example 1:
select * from customer where upper(name) like :search
is not finding any

using (Example 2)
select * from customer where upper(name) like upper('%müller%')
is finding them.

I also tried using ANSIUpperCase to convert to capital letters from
example 1
but that's not finding them, too.

what do you recommend to safely get German umlaut characters
(like any other country specific characters) and uppercase
conversions working?

Thanks in advance

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