Subject Re: [IBO] TCP/IP Connection To Database
Author Daniel Rail

At June 4, 2005, 06:53, Alan McDonald wrote:

>> I wrote a program by using Delphi 7 and it's database FireBird 1.5. its
>> working in LAN and WAN but. WAN connection is very slow i wait
>> approximately more than one minute.
>> I use Delphi's InterBase components for FireBird connection. On the
>> TCP/IP connections to FireBird database, it working but its very slow.
>> Where is my mistake, what do you think about this problem ?
>> Thank you.

> I'm afraid it's never going to work "WELL" on a WAN. You can get some
> improvement by using an application server which will package the
> over-the-wire transport in a more efficient way. e.g. REMObjects or similar.
> Just how much improvement is dependent on your tolerance level.
> The next step along this line is to deliver a web application e.g.
> Apache/PHP solution. You will get good performance but you will need to
> trade off some GUI ability and/or use a different approach to app design.

Another solution would be to use a Terminal Server for WAN
connections. The Terminal Server will provide a remote interface for
the user, while the application is running locally on the LAN. And,
more than one user can be connected to the Terminal Server, since each
user has their own environment on the server. And, there's 2 ways to
connect to a Terminal Server, via IE or directly by installing a
Terminal Services Client on the client computer. Both have pros and

Connection via IE:
Pro: Don't need to install software on the client computer.
Con: Can't use the client computer's printers.

Connection via Installed Terminal Services Client:
Pro: Can use the client computer's printers.
Con: Have to install Terminal Services Client software on the client

Both do support encryption and compression over-the-wire, for
security, and can support 32-bit colors. And, if your application
saves data/files locally(i.e.: same folder as the application), you
would have to redesign your application to make sure that no 2 users
can overwrite each others data/files(for this I use the user's
"Documents and Settings\Applicaiton Data" folder).

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