Subject RE: [IBO] TCP/IP Connection To Database
Author Alan McDonald
> I wrote a program by using Delphi 7 and it's database FireBird 1.5. its
> working in LAN and WAN but. WAN connection is very slow i wait
> approximately more than one minute.
> I use Delphi's InterBase components for FireBird connection. On the
> TCP/IP connections to FireBird database, it working but its very slow.
> Where is my mistake, what do you think about this problem ?
> Thank you.

I'm afraid it's never going to work "WELL" on a WAN. You can get some
improvement by using an application server which will package the
over-the-wire transport in a more efficient way. e.g. REMObjects or similar.
Just how much improvement is dependent on your tolerance level.
The next step along this line is to deliver a web application e.g.
Apache/PHP solution. You will get good performance but you will need to
trade off some GUI ability and/or use a different approach to app design.