Subject A Transaction Problem - Lock, Deadlock!?!?
Author Emerson José dos Santos
Hi all..

I need a little help... look this:

I have two different programs. Each program have your own
TIB_Transaction ( both isolation level is tiCommited) . In program "A",
I leave the ibo control my transaction... but in program "B" I have a
explict transaction and I start my transaction, commit or rollback
mannually... the program "B" is locking records and I can't work with
this records in program "A". Of course, this is normal thing if the B is
change records, right? but not... B is only read records...

Leave me explain better... in B, the same TABLE that I use in A is
joined with other table... all this in a TIB_query. When a edit a a
record in this IB_query (with my transaction started) the record is
locking and i dont can use it in A... understood? my table is only
joined in B... i edit another table in B and not the table that i need
use in A... why this lock the register?

How to made for not lock????

Thanks for all...


PS: Sorry my english...