Subject Re: R: R: R: R: R: R: [IBO] for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author stanw1950
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> Hi,
> At Friday, May 27, 2005 3:31 PM, Daniel Rail wrote:
> >
> > You'll find more, trust me. I went through the process of
> > changing an application from BDE/Paradox to IBO/Firebird 5
> > years ago, and it took me almost 3 years to optimize it as
> > much as it could be, while still releasing updates for the
> > application. Now, that application is in the process of being
> > rewritten almost from scratch, but still using TIBOQuery
> > mixed with TIB_Cursor and TIB_DSQL.
> >
> I have already do my 3 years to optimze my applications after porting it
> from BDE to IBO, i have rewritten a lot of C++ procedure as SP, review
> all database design with domain, constraint, trigger, view and the very
> usefull IBO-DmlCache, migrate all TTable and TQuery to TIB_Cursor where
> i haven't a user interface, and so on...
> The last bottleneck (at now!) that i can't solve rewritting my code it's
> the opening time, then i need the help of this list for find all the
> best solution for solving this issue.
> I think that this will be usefull for any user of IBO when the solution
> will be added to BDE-to-IBO Migration Guide.
> Best Regards.
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When I converted our large app (curently the exe is 13meg) from BDE to
IBObjects a couple of years ago I also noticed this slow startup time.
At the time, I considered it almost a show-stopper. However, using the
SchemaCacheDir saved the day. It only takes 3 seconds for our app to
come up. The program uses a TIBODatabase component with the
SchemaCacheDir set to a directory where the exe exists. The exe is on
a mapped network drive (we have Windows NT) so not only is everyone
(about 30 users) using the same exe but they are also using the same

Stan Walker