Subject RE: [IBO] passwords
Author Enrico Raviglione
At Saturday, May 28, 2005 1:00 AM, Helen wrote:

> The recommended thing to do is to have an Owner user. This
> Owner should
> create the database and all of the objects in it. Then, on
> site, if you
> have to do an upgrade of your software, you can add this user to the
> security database and log in as Owner.

My database are alwais created and modified using the SYSDBA user but
your suggested technique (the use of an Owner user) are very "clean" and
add security to my installation.

Can i modify the Owner of all my database objects at all my customers
sites simply running a script as SYSDBA ?
After that i can create Owner user, change the SYSDBA password and
continue to maintain my databases only with Owner user, rihgts ?

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