Subject Re: R: R: R: R: R: [IBO] for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author Daniel Rail

Here's my experience.

At May 27, 2005, 06:50, Enrico Raviglione wrote:

> also for me 3rd compatibility with Infopower and other VCL components is
> a must-have.
> Some question now for investigate:
> 1) you don't have any performance problem at opening time also if you
> try to open some query with a lot of fields ?

I only have a 3-5 seconds delay when opening the application, also
this particular application uses packages and a plugin architecture.
And, it doesn't matter how fast the computer is(the slowest being a
PII 233Mhz with 128MB RAM). And, the database has 220 tables, some
tables do have close to 60 fields(average would be 20), 42 domains, 11
views, 104 SPs, 239 triggers, 174 generators, 75 UDFs.

> 2) in your database design do you use a lot of DOMAIN definition or none
> ?

I have 42 domains.

> 3) do you use TBooleanFields ?

Yes. And sometimes, I use those fields as is.

> You have set FieldEntryType = [] or
> FieldEntryType = [fetDomainName] in your Connection component?


When I define the TIBOQuery, I go in the ColumnAttributes tab in the
query editor and specify that the field is a boolean and what are the
checked and unchecked values are. Also, with Infopower you can use
the field as is, and specify the Checked and Unchecked values directly
in Infopower's components.

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