Subject Re: R: [IBO] for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author dmarmur2002
Enrico, Lester, Jason...

Well, I suggested this just as something to test to get at the speed

If you look at function GetColAttrTxt in IB_Components.pas you'll se
that if a fieldname search fails in the dataset stringlists it goes on
to the stringlist of the connection. If that fails too the search for
SQLTypes is done in the connection stringlist and finally the serach
for domain name.

If you have a lot of information in FieldsXXX stringlist of the
connection and you prepare a query where most fields do not have a
FieldsXXX entry (most lists are searched this way) then an extra
search is done. Two if your setting is [fetSQLType, fetDomainName].

Understand that the search is done multiple time for each field.
Exactly how many times depends on your setup and how IBO accesses
these stringlists during the operations you perform.

Since the search is done on each access of each of the FieldsXXX
stringlists this may amount to a lot of processing.

Could you not just temporary ignore the BOOLEAN thing just so we can
see if it gets any faster? And by how much.



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> >
> >IBO searches in metadata for Domains and SQL types after a miss on
> field name. That creates two extra searches (alas >in memory) per
> operation on fields without entries.
> >
> >Is FieldEntryType set to anything? If it is try setting it to [].
> >
> FieldEntryType = [fetDomainName]
> I need to use Boolean then i don't know any other method for do
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