Subject RE: [IBO] for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author Jason Wharton
I see now that his private emails had the [IBO] flag still in it and so I
was thinking they were on the list rather than just private.

I always want discussions like this to be in the public eye so that everyone
knows if there is a problem and how to avoid it and also such that everyone
will be able to participate in the solving of the problem.

IBO has been around a very long time and I am innundated regularly with
private emails from people and it takes a great amount of my time to handle
it all. I don't mind doing it but it does dampen the time I have to
actually be working under the hood.

I'd like to encourage everyone to use the list whenever possible.
Especially where with this case I have not had the time to delve deeply into
something that I still have a very high level view of. There is a certain
amount of due diligence that I expect people to do before they have me
directly involved with a problem because 9 times out of 10 I still end up
either educating someone of dealing with something that was their problem.

As I said earlier, where IBO may be slower than the other competitor's
products is in the time to prepare statements. If there are hordes of query
objects and you are having them prepared ahead of time (which is fine in
most cases) then IBO is going to come in a bit slower. However, once the
wait is over, then IBO should be much snappier and more interactive when
configured and used correctly.


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> Please keep the list informed of any discoveries. I for one
> would like to
> know the issues involved.
> Kevin
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> Hi Lester,
> I have sended my e-mail to Jason only because in the last 2-3 month i
> have already sended to him a lot of other e-mail and an example.
> No problem for Delphi i use only C++Builder.
> Here my first e-mail:
> I mailed you privately the download address of my example.
> Best Regards.
> Enrico Raviglione
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> Enrico Raviglione wrote:
> > Hi Jason,
> > Now we are arrived at 24.05.2005, my first e-mail are dated
> 18.03.2005
> > then i must know if you can do something about this
> problem. If i can
> > help you in any manner tell me what i must do ... My time
> are finished
> > ...
> I see that your emails have been direct to Jason which is why we have
> not been 'in the loop' and able to help! I lost a block of
> email about
> the time of your original post so don't have it.
> None of my applications take longer than a few seconds to connect, so
> there must be something in your setup that is not quite right. Having
> said that I killed most of the legacy compatible stuff early on.
> Following on from SET's questions.
> If you open the database using IB_SQL what are the connection times
> like?
> I'd say drop a copy of your tests to me, but I don't have Delphi here
> only Builder - but if the database is slow opening in IB_SQL then I'm
> quite happy to have a look at it.
> --
> Lester Caine
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