Subject Re: [IBO] How would I go about making a grid show this classification
Author Antti Kurenniemi
> Antti,
[snipped some]
>>Now, I want to show the classifications on a window with the customer data
>>(a grid or a list). I was able to do the master-detail stuff with the
>>samples, as well as lookups, but this one I couldn't figure out myself.
>>Could someone point me to some document explaining how to do this, or
>>yet, is there a sample available? If my explanation wasn't clear, let me
>>know and I'll try to make more sense ;-)
> This is simpler than you think it is. :-))
> Have three IB_Query objects: one for the customer set (master), one for
> the intersection table (detail to customer set, master to classification
> set) and one for classifications.
> The customer and classification sets are in grids. The intersection set
> remains invisible to the user, i.e., no links to any controls.
> The intersection set is detail to the customer set, via its customer_id
> key. The classification set is detail to the invisible intersection set,
> pointing its classification_id to classification_id in the intersection
> set.
> When you scroll the customer set, the classifications for that customer
> will be what you see in the classification grid. (I think that is what
> you
> are looking for.)
> Each is just an ordinary master-detail setup. We generally call this
> rather common structure "Master-detail-detail", or MDD.

Thank you Helen, I thought there was a neat way to do that. I almost got it
now, except I only get one row in the classifications-grid. I placed an
extra grid on the form just to see the "intermediate" table, and it seems
correct, but from there I only get one row in the next grid.

I set the classification query's masterlink to the intermediate datasource,
and the MasterLinks property to "id=custtoclass.classid" (custtoclass is the
intermediate table), isn't that right? What next?

(btw: otherwise everything is working nicely, will be making a purchase this
week :-)

Antti Kurenniemi