Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird and Interbase on the same machine
Author Jason Wharton
The hitch in IBO is how I designed the SQL trace monitor. If you want to
omit the ability to trace API calls then you could easily do what some of
these other packages are doing. Why is this so? I designed IBO such that
there is absolutely no overhead for each API call to check and see if it is
being monitored or not. If the monitor is put in then it inserts actual API
functions that then pass on the call to the API.

Still open to ideas from anyone willing to lift the hood and roll up their

PS. I'm home now from Canada safe and sound...

Jason Wharton

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> I'm not sure how IBExpert handle this, but it allows you to set what
> client library to use in each registered database.
> Maybe IBO can follow the same way. Afaik, IBExpert uses FIBPlus.
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> Cantu
> FireBase -
> JW> I've worked on this a fair amount and it is somewhat
> difficult but I have
> JW> not given up yet.
> JW> What really needs to happen is for someone to actually
> create a decent
> JW> client that knows how to communicate with the different
> servers. That's the
> JW> job of a client library...
> JW> Jason