Subject RE: [IBO] The old value of a field
Author Jason Wharton
What some people do is have a column that increments each time there is an
edit to insure that nothing else has edited the row or certain columns in
the row. This requires a fair amount of comprehensive planning and explicit
development to insure things work properly. All processes operating on the
data must conform to the rules you specify. This is not an easy problem to
solve when you take concurrency away from the server and manage it yourself.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] The old value of a field
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> Dear Friends
> I'm converting a Pdox app to IB with IBO.
> In IB/IBO is not convenient to set the PessimisticLocking to true.
> I use implicit transaction in my app.
> How to prevent the follow situation, with the app in the network?
> - suppose that user A has the record X in editing mode, with
> the content
> of field Y='abc'
> - suppose that user B change the content of the same record X, change
> the content of field Y to 'xyz' and save the record
> - when the user A save the record in edit mode (post), the content of
> the field returned to 'abc'.
> How to avoid this?
> Thanks in advance
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