Subject Queries running asyncronous?
Author G. Nau
I'm observing that some queries are running approx. 1 second on
my system, when my program changes the params.
That's fine.
But if the user is hitting buttons to start automatic data manipulation
very fast after a query refresh started, it's failing as the query doesn't
seem to be ready.

Is my observation correct, that it might indeed take a short time until
the datasoure is feeding the TIB_Edits. Windows is already
processing messages for other objects on that form, that might
collide with their data modifiations on the not finished query.

1.) if there a property to determine: query done and row(s) fetch is
2. ) If there a property to set the query to sync. mode (so the
query.refresh is blocking the application until row(s) fetching is


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