Subject Re: [IBO] Display partial rows in TIB_GRID
Author Aage Johansen
Calin Pirtea wrote:
> Has anyone tried to implement this?
> Has anyone had the need for this?
> I search the archives and there was no mention of it ever.
> Jason, have you considered the idea?
> Our customers are not familiar with computers and a grid with 4 lines and
> empty space under it means only 4 records in the dataset.
> In Excel if you have a 5th line it will show partially and you can select it
> in the partially visible place. In TIB_Grid it is not a desirable thing to
> have something partially visible selected but it would be very useful for
> our customers to realize there is more data.
> If anyone had thought about this and maybe even implemented this feature I
> would be interested to see how.
> ...

This was the way it used to behave. It has been discussed, but I think
(don't really remember!) that it either was too much work for too little
gain and/or limitations somewhere prohibiting the functionality.

Yes - I miss it too!

Aage J.