Subject Display partial rows in TIB_GRID
Author Calin Pirtea
Has anyone tried to implement this?

Has anyone had the need for this?

I search the archives and there was no mention of it ever.

Jason, have you considered the idea?

Our customers are not familiar with computers and a grid with 4 lines and
empty space under it means only 4 records in the dataset.
In Excel if you have a 5th line it will show partially and you can select it
in the partially visible place. In TIB_Grid it is not a desirable thing to
have something partially visible selected but it would be very useful for
our customers to realize there is more data.

If anyone had thought about this and maybe even implemented this feature I
would be interested to see how.

I've been chasing tib_grid all over the place and the only way I could make
it work was changing TCustomGrid.

TCustomGrid has a private function called ClampInView that will force the
selected cell to go in view. The problem is that TIB_Grid does not expect
the gridrow to change and if it does it gets upset. In order to make it work
I had to turn ClampInView into a protected virtual function and override it
in tib_customgrid to perform nothing.

I left the number of visible rows at FDataRowCount without decreasing if
fPartialRow>0 so I always had my partially visible row and tricked
sysdatachange into performing a Slide(1) if the user clicked on the
partially visible row.

I would like something that does not rely on changing tcustomgrid.

Only if you have thought about it and have some ideas, otherwise is not

Thank you all in advance,

Calin Pirtea
Medisys Australia Pty Ltd