Subject Re: [IBO] Timeout for search
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:28 PM 12/05/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm trying to find the property that controls the timeout that
>triggers a new search when in search mode.
>I have a TIB_Listbox that I am searching through a list of item names
>using an incremental search, so for example when the user presses "T"
>it will go to the first "T???" item, then the user presses "O" and the
>first "TO??" item is located and so on. My problem is the timeout
>where the accumulated search string, i.e. "TO" is so short that the
>user has to type fast to get more than a few letters into the search
>string before it clears itself.

Increase the IncSearchKeyInt value of the dataset. It represents the
number of milliseconds that will elapse before the search key is cleared
and the characters will start being added to a new key.

Some controls have the AllowTimeout property which can be set False to
disable timeout on the searchkey entry altogether. It's not available in
TIB_Listbox, though.

>Also can I enter letters into this search string? I have an edit box
>that brings up the list box so when the user types a letter into the
>edit box it brings up the list box for searching. I would like to
>start the listbox search with the user typed letter.

I'm not quite "with" this idea. TIB_ListBox is a data-aware control that
is bound to a dataset column. Do you mean that you want to keep it
invisible unless the user types a letter into a TIB_Edit that is linked to
the same column? Or what? I'm wondering whether you are using the right
control for what you want to achieve. Have you looked at
TIB_LookupList? It *does* have AllowTimeout...