Subject How to know if a field is COMPUTED BY on the server ?
Author Sylvain Planchon

I'm using IBO 4.5A, Delphi 5.

I'm working with TIBOQuery components dynamicly (I don't know in advance
what tables I'll use and what fields these tables contain). The great
thing is that the IBOQuerys give me a lot of informations on fields
(names, types, etc.)

In order to have this information, I'm creating a TIBOQuery, setting
"SELECT FIRST 1 * FROM TABLENAME" as the SQL and opening it.

The problem is that I'm making INSERTs on these tables and there's got
problems when trying to write into a field that is computed by the
server. I would like to know if a field is a COMPUTED BY field. Is it
possible easily ?

In the documentation, I hear about ColumnAttributes property but I don't
understand how to use it.
Can you Help me ?