Subject Re: [IBO] How to specify cache (buffer) size
Author Eyal
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:

>> I need to control the size of Firebird's page cache when
>> connecting to a database.
>> ...
>> I read in
>> that the cache size can be set at connection time. So I want to

> There was once an API call you could use to set the cache size
> temporarily for a connection to Classic on Unix.

Hmmm... the article at the link above specifically mentions IB6 and
both Classic and SuperServer.

> There used to be a property for it in TIB_Connection,

I've found the Params property which is a list of various connection
level parameters, one of which is IB_BUFFERS - could this be it?

> It's not something you should try to have a user do arbitrarily
> with Superserver.

Certainly. My application will calculate the cache size, without any
end user intervention, and I'll make sure to limit the result to
reasonable bounds (eg. 256-4096).

> The right way to set the database cache override is by running
> gfix -buffers (or the equivalent Services Manager operation

But that requires disconnecting all users and interrupting their work.