Subject IB_query.orderingfield,dbffieldname - only 10 chars long
Author G. Nau
IBO V4.5Ai

I'm using the IB_query.orderingfield,dbffieldname to detect the
database field on which the actual sorting is based.
But I recognize now, that this field is limited to 10 chars, although it's
type is 'string' (so it should hold more chars).

I traced it back to ib_components.pas, procedure

and the limiting line is ...
Columns[ ii ].FDBFFieldName := Copy( tmpStr, 1, 10 );
and some lines later

if Len > 10 then
System.Delete( FDBFFieldName,
10 - Length( IntToStr( ADBFCnt )),
10 - Len );

Is this intentual? Is this length limitation (at least this short one for 10
chars) really necessary?

Or do you have any other idea to find the fieldname of the actual

Gunther Nau

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