Subject RE: [IBO] Master/Detail broken after upgrade
Author Kevin Stanton
Hi Helen,

Actually pasted the wrong params from ibo monitor (i can't even get that
right these days).
However, this is real problem I have here so I have to go back to 4.2.Gb. I
would love to hear from Jason on this.
I did create a test app and got the master/detail to work. I currently don't
know what the difference is. I'll spend a little more time on this but then
I gotta move, clients awaiting.
And yes, some legacy stuff from good ol' Paradox.
As always, thanks for your input.

Actual params being sent to detail query:
TR_HANDLE = 20801780
STMT_HANDLE = 20797964
PARAMS = [ Version 1 SQLd 4 SQLn 4
[USERID] = ''
[COMPANY] = ''
[INVLOC] = '' ]


Actually, it's an empty string. Given that you have been playing about
with the params for this query lately, I would check your datasource
linking, to make sure that a) it is included in the parameter assignments
and b) you don't have an old stray TField around somewhere left over from
your experiments.

A further comment (not material to your current problem and which you
probably don't welcome) is that you have some troublesome redundancies in
those tables - looks like a legacy from Paradox.


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