Subject Long pause on first dml query
Author rogervellacott
In my app, initial login is very fast, especially since switching on
the IBO Schema Version functions.

But the first DML query takes a long time, up to 15 seconds. This
seems not to depend entirely on how complex the query is - just
saving a simple record can be very slow. After the first save,
subsequent saves are fine.

So I presume there is some extensive preparation process or caching
process going on. I can partially solve the problem by doing a
dummy table update as part of the boot up sequence, but this is a
very messy workaround.

If I run a simple query using a db administration tool, there is no
delay. So I assume this is an IBO issue rather than a Firebird

My question is: How can I avoid the problem, or alternatively, is
there a way to run this preparation process explicitly during boot

Further info:

FB1.52 and IBO 4.3Aa. The database has about 160 tables and 100
SPs, some quite complex.

The app uses TIBODataset components, in a number of dlls. All the
dlls have an instance of TIBODatabase, which is given the same db
handle as the connection in the exe and the other dlls.


Roger Vellacott