Subject TIB_Grid problems persist in V4.5B
Author Kevin Stanton
I have just upgraded from 4.2.Gb to 4.5B. So far so good except for the
grid. I had read in recent posts some updates where happening here and from
the release notes, it looked like 4.5Aa would address scrolling empty

Here are two issues that I hope I'm just missing properties on:
(Master/Detail situation - grid handles the detail portion)

1) When tabbing into a grid, the cursor goes to the first but you can't see
the cursor. Tabbing again will show the cursor.

2) In the detail grid with initially no records, I start to enter a record
all goes fine until I hit the arrow up button (arrow down works fine, posts
record, etc.). Hitting the arrow up button puts the input in a "weird
state" eventually loosing the record.

Have these two items been fixed and I'm just overlooking something here?


IBO 4.5B
Delphi 6, update pack 2
FB 1.03