Subject IB_StoredProc and providing Params
Author Rick Roen
I must be missing something fundamental in setting the Params for an
IB_StoredProc component.

I have various IB_Edit controls and IB_ComboBoxes with the ParamName
properties set to the SP.

When I set focus on a component (like and IB_Edit) the value is
cleared, I guess waiting for input. This I can deal with, however it
presents problems with the IB_ComboBox. If I make a selection from
the drop down box the focus goes back to the ComboBox after the
closeup event and the selection is then cleared, i.e. blank. If I
enter the ComboBox and press the first letter of my selection then its
ok. This would be overly confusing to a user, so I'm thinking that I
do not understand something about providing these parameters to the SP.

What am I missing?