Subject IBO 4.5 B sub release now posted to all download areas.
Author Jason Wharton
Here is an excerpt from the release notes so you all know what has been

3/19/2005 Release 4.5 B

I added TIB_OleContainer to the controls that are standard with IBO as well
as some enhancements to TIB_JPEGImage that were contributed by Thomas
Steinmaurer. An interesting feature of the OleContainer control is it also
includes the ability to store it compressed using the ZLIB library.

I fixed a problem where when using macro substitution the method
GetSQLIsAggregate was not aware of the result SQL and potentially not
catching a case that it should be.

I fixed a potential access violation due to some changes made in the last
release optimizing the processing of KeyLinks and MasterLinks relationships.

I fixed a parsing problem in the determination of the search criteria of
columns that are based on an inline SELECT statement. The first parenthesis
was bumped off when it shouldn't be.

{ Salvatore Besso
{ Completely rewritten TIB_CustomDateTimePicker.SysUpdateData to fix
{ problem with field assignment when Kind = dtkTime. Amended with
test }
{ version of original IB_Controls.pas as of version 4.5Ai Eval. To find
it }
{ quickly, search for SB comments sorrounded by curly

{ Rade Vojvodic
{ TIB_CustomEdit Windows XP Theme enabled. In uses clause added Theme
{ In DrawButton procedure added code to show button according to
current }
{ Xp Theme. Added FHot private property to be able to find out if
use }
{ is over button for hot state of the button. If ellipsis type of
button }
{ pushbutton is shown, otherwise (dropdown) button looks like any
her }
{ combobox. Added CMMouseEnter and CMMouseLeave for determining Hot
state }
{ of the

{ Rade Vojvodic
{ TIB_CustomRadioGroup changed to be able to look like any other
{ in Windows. Added two more
{ property
{ property DisplayLabelAsCaption: Boolean read
layLabelAsCaption }
{ write
splayLabelAsCaption }
{ default
{ If borderStyle property is set to bsNone then TIB_RadioGroup looks
like }
{ TRadioGroup from Delphi VCL. Additionaly DisplayLabelAsCaption
s }
{ the same way as in TIB_CheckBox. Paint and ArrangeButtons
edures }
{ required minor changes to achieve this. Every change is commented
th }
{ //RV?? so it can be easily

I fixed a bug when exporting DBF files there was a case that it wasn't
formatting the file header correctly if the field name was right at the
maximum length allowable. Now it will handle all allowable field name
lengths and not be corrupted or unusable.

I fixed a small problem with the TIB_Ledger control when there were no
records in the dataset.

I fixed a problem with the parsing of macro delimiters that were more than
one character long.

I fixed a problem with input parameter name parsing where they were double

A minor adjustment was made to the sizing logic of the auto lable feature to
increase consistency.

I fixed a problem with the TIBODataset that had to do with the handling of
TField objects that were created by default. It was possible by doing
certain dataset interactions that the flag indicating that default fields
were created was omitted and then when the dataset was closed it did not
destroy the TField objects as it should. I detected what the flaw was and
made it safely maintain the correct value so that it would destroy the field
objects appropriately.

There was a problem introduced in the last version that made
AssignSQLWithSearch() no longer work with input parameters when assigning to
a TIBODataset component. I found the problem and restored the expected