Subject Re: [IBO] Server-side logging
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi there,

> i would like to ask someone experienced, how to realize this db
> logging:
> I wrote an user db application with D2005, FireBird 1.5 and IBO,
> where data-aware components are used only. Access to the server
> is realized via one user account and app-based security.
> I would like to set up server-sided logging of user actions
> on server (inserts, updates and deleting). Using stored procedures?
> I don't know how to pass user context variable to the server.
> (when all users using one account only)
> So in short, can you help me, how to log user actions on db server,
> please?

Seriously, the fastest way for you to do this would be by using
our product called "IB LogManager". Check it out at

It's a very low-priced product and will save you hours of testing
and programming.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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