Subject Mangled path when using F: drive
Author Joe Martinez
This is bizarre. I'm not sure if it's an IBO problem or a Firebird
problem, but here's what it is...

I have a TIB_Connection. I set the path to:


I call Connect() on the TIB_Connection, and I get the following error:

I/O error for file "\!f$!\myfolder\mydb.fdb"
Error while trying to open file

The strange thing is that this only happens if I use the f: drive. If I
change the "f" to a "c" or any other drive letter, the path doesn't get
mangled like that. If I change the drive letter to a "c", and it's
pointing to a nonexistent database, I get the same error, but with a
"normal" path.

In the debugger, I put a break point just before the Connect() statement,
and checked the value of the Path property of the TIB_Connection, and it
looks correct there, but I still get the error message with the mangled
beginning of the path.