Subject IB_Grid and SrollBar issues.
Author Daniel Jimenez

On the 18th of January 2005, "melr_la" posted the following message, could
someone advise me of the outcome/solution, as we are having the same
problem. I have browsed the archive, but have fail to find a reply.

>I encounter the following user interface quirks with IB_grid when
>used with Delphi.

We are using BCB 5 and have the same issues.
>1) When displaying a moderate to a large amount of information
>retrieved by a query, the IB_grid slider in the vertical scrollbar at
>first indicates that perhaps half the available rows are being
>displayed, even if only about 1% of the rows are actually being
>displayed. This is misleading. How can the scrollbar be made to
>give a more accurate graphical representation of the number of rows
>being displayed by the grid?
>2) When displaying a moderate to a large amount of information
>retrieved by a query, when scrolling down the IB_grid vertical
>scrollbar quickly shrinks and drops to (nearly) the bottom even
>though many rows remain to be displayed. Much of the downward
>vertical scrolling can then be done with no apparent visual change to
>the scrollbar and there is effectively no vertical movement to the
>scrollbar for most of the continued downward vertical scrolling.
>This is misleading, and it makes it difficult to quickly scroll to
>the bottom or to rows in the latter portion of those retrieved. How
>can the scrollbar position be made to give a more accurate graphical
>representation of the position of the rows shown relative to the
>overall number of rows retrieved?

The post mention that using last and first was a work-around. However, when
we try this work-around, we are not seen the required behaviour.

Thank you

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