Subject RE: [IBO] Passive mode
Author Jason Wharton
> Don't take this as a final answer: hopefully Jason will spot
> it and throw more light on it.

Passive mode really just implies that during the execution of the script
there are calls to Application.ProcessMessages such that it *appears* that
you can continue to interact with your application while the script is
running. Normally you don't want to allow this unless you know how to guard
against nesting or other problems, like closing the form, etc.

There is a status maintained by the session called IsBusy that you can
always check to see if there is a process running. There is also a way that
you can have the OnIdle event triggering feed the execution of scripts such
that it isn't a function of calling Application.ProcessMessages but a true
usage of OnIdle event triggering.

This is probably a topic worthy of a TechInfo Sheet being written.

Jason Wharton