Subject Re: Help NewBie - Data aware controls & Multiple tables in IBO Query
Author ln_pradeep
> Shouldn't this be:
> SELECT A.ID, A.Name, A.Description, B.Notes
> from A Inner join B on
> A.Id = B.Id
> ????
Hi Helen,
Thankx for the reply and that was typo error :)-
> >If the InsertSql is set to Insert into A values
> >(:Id, :Name, :Description) then in the UI screen
> >values could be entered only in the Name , Description
> >textedits. If the InsertSql is changed to insert values
> >into Table B, values could be entered only in the
> >Notes textedit.
> >
> >We would like to have the values retrieved, saved through a single
> >dataset.
> Well, SQL does not allow you to insert rows into more than one
table in one

Is there any way in which we could permit the user to enter the
values in UI controls? As stated we could enter values only for
the fields in single control