Subject Help NewBie - Data aware controls & Multiple tables in IBO Query
Author ln_pradeep
We are migrating our application to FB and we use IBO components.
We display values from multiple table in UI
Screen. The problem face is:

In the UI Screen, the values could entered only for fields
that are specified in the InsertSql and for the fields that
are not in the Insertsql the values could not be entered.

For example

Table A has columns Id, Name, Description,
Table B has columns Id, Created, LastModifed, Notes

In the UI screen we allow the end user to enter Id, Name,
Description, Notes is separate textedits

The Select query is : SELECT A.ID, A.Name, A.Description, A.Notes
from A Inner join B on
A.Id = B.Id

If the InsertSql is set to Insert into A values
(:Id, :Name, :Description) then in the UI screen
values could be entered only in the Name , Description
textedits. If the InsertSql is changed to insert values
into Table B, values could be entered only in the
Notes textedit.

We would like to have the values retrieved, saved through a single

Any help would be greatly appreciated,