Subject Re: [IBO] Installing with D2005
Author Sylvain Planchon
Helen Borrie a écrit :

>1) remove any IBO packages that are in the Install Components... list
>2) delete ALL of the IBO BPLs completely, from *everywhere*.
>3) delete the entire IBO root directory
>4) KEEP the library paths that you have added but do not create a new IBO
>root directory.
>5) Shut down Delphi.
>Now, go to the Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, and select to Remove
>IBO. It will give you some error messages, but run it anyway.
>Now, run the installer again, making sure that you tell it to use the IBO
>root that you have already specified in the library path.
OK, all is ok until this point.

>When it has finished, start Delphi and check that the components are there.
At this point, I've only "ibotools" in the palette.
In the "Install Packages" dialog, I've all the IB Objects packages
unchecked until "IB Objects Full Text Search" and "IB Objects Replication".
If I check the IBO core package, Delphi says that it can't find
IBO40CDT_D2005.bpl in my $(BDSPROJECTSDIR) folder. I verified, and
there's no IBO package in this folder ! I found them in
"C:\Windows\System32\$(BDSPROJECTSDIR)" (written as this). So the setup
do not do his job very well !
I copied the Bpl from System32 to the rigth $(BDSPROJECTSDIR) and I can
now check the packages. Then they are in the palette, I can put them on
forms and compile, but when I restart Delphi they disappear (Message
from Delphi that says that the component is not found).
I'm at the same point that before. It seems that there's a confusion
between paths anywhere.
On the other hand, the ibotools (FTS and RPL) work well : I can put them
on forms and they are still there after restarting Delphi.

>Unfortunately, these "lost path problems" are typical of new Delphi
>releases. Sometimes they get fixed (as in the upgrade packs of Delphi 6
>and 7), sometimes Borland just ignores them (as in the cases of Delphi 4
>and all versions of Kylix).
I've already the "Update1" from Borland. I don't hear anything about
this bug in D2005 and I've got other components (TMS) installed in my
$(BDSPROJECTSDIR) folder and it works well.

>If all else fails, you can go to the Environment Variables tab in
>Tools|Environment Options and create an override to the system path. But
>--- try a clean install FIRST.
I don't understand... what do you call System path ? with what path can
I override it ?

Thanks a lot for trying to help me, Helen !
I hope we can find a solution because I'm forced to use Delphi 5 only
for this reason.
I ask this question again : Is there anyone here that has installed IBOs
on D2005 Update1 ?? That could help us to solve this problem...