Subject Re: [IBO] Installing with D2005
Author Sylvain Planchon
To summarize, I've got :
- design-time BPLs in C:\Windows\System32\$(PROJECTSDIR)\Bpl,
- runtime BPLs in C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\3.0\Bin,
- all the BPLs (runtime and design-time) in the $(PROJECTSDIR)\Bpl folder
- sources in C:\IBO45
- all these path are configured in the "Library Path"

- I can install then add components on forms.
- when I restart Delphi :
- it says that it does not find the components put on the form
- all component categories disapear in the palette, except ibotools.
- In "Install Package", all IBOs are unchecked except "Full Text
Search" and "Replication" these two ones are not visible in the palette.