Subject Re: [IBO] Installing with D2005
Author Sylvain Planchon
Hum, I found them both in $(BDSPROJECTSDIR)\Rpl (the folder where my
design-time bpl are) and in "C:\Program files\Borland\BDS\3.0\Bin".
The ones in \Bin are older but bigger than ones in $(BDSPROJECTSDIR)\Rpl
... strange.

I just added "C:\Program files\Borland\BDS\3.0\Bin" in the library path
but it still doesn't work :(

I found Design-time ones in "C:\Windows\System32\$(BDSPROJECTSDIR)\Rpl"
too !! (the folder is named "$(BDSPROJECTSDIR)" !!) .
Of course, impossible to add this folder in Delphi because it found
$(BDSPROJECTSDIR) as an environment variable.

Helen Borrie a écrit :

> ....and search for the runtime BPLs. They are probably *not* in the same
> location as the design-time ones.
> Helen