Subject Installing with D2005
Author Sylvain Planchon

I've got difficulties to install IBOs on Delphi 2005 :
- I have installed all the packages and they appear in the "Components /
Install Packages" dialog.
- When I check the components, they're visible in the components and I
can put them on a form and compile the project.
- When I close Delphi then reopen it, I've got a message from Delphi,
saying that it does not find the IBO components on the form. Then, in my
compoenents palette, there's just the "iboTools" category. In the
"Install Packages" dialog, the components are all unchecked.

I tried to install them with the setup program, and manually.
It's strange cause I can install them without error, but it's just when
I restart Delphi.

Is there anyone here that has installed IBOs on D2005 ?