Subject Re: [IBO] Stay on newly inserted record
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Helen,

> Use raKeepDataPos to ensure that the buffer cursor is on
> the newly inserted row after the refresh.

That's the point. I have just tried another time before replying to your
message, just to be sure. Even using raKeepDataPos the cursor returns to the
previous record as well after the new row has been committed. Maybe there is
some other particular combination to do with other properties? I've seen also
that using caRefreshKeys (as I'm using) as CommitAction I should set
FetchWholeRows to False, but this is recommended only for a very large number of
columns and rows and since this is not the case I have left it to True.
Moreover, I'm using an explicit transaction with AutoCommit = False and
isolation = tiCommitted.

Ah, I'm using 4.5Ai.